Juice Served Here


Juice Served Here is a fresh pressed juice company in Los Angeles, California. With over a dozen stores in the greater Los Angeles area they are a staple in healthy drinks and have quickly become a part of Los Angeles culture.

In 2015 I helped Juice Served Here design and build their online shopping experience. The site had features like a monthly juice subscription, scheduled juice cleansing, and the ability to customize a carton of eight juices.

  • Robert Manukyan — UX. UI. Dev.

  • Jhoanna Marissa — Project Manager

  • Alex Matthews — CEO. Key stakeholder

  • Danielle Charboneau — COO. Stakeholder


  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Interviews

  • Data Analysis (Google Analytics)

  • Stakeholder Interviews

JSH Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis (Direct Competitors)

Soft, Semi, and Hard

Juice Cleanse Overview

Juice Served Here offered three different types of juice cleanses; Soft Cleanse, Semi Cleanse, and Hard Cleanse. Each cleanse was unique in its own way and had different health benefits. Users are able to select the frequency of the cleanse they wanted in 3, 5 or 7 day cadences.