Giant Man

Tradesy Web — Mobile Web

Tradesy is a peer to peer e-commerce fashion website that is revolutionizing how you buy and sell fashion online and apps.

Role — Lead Product Designer / Frontend Engineer

Branding / Styleguide

Tradesy Logotype

Shopping Experience

Concept for full width navigation and home page

Concept for full width dropdown navigation

Concept for robust search interface

Concept for fluid / full width category page

Concept for a product page

Mobile Web Views


The first version of our checkout process was very simple. It did its job and did it very well. As the business grew and changed we needed to redesign the checkout experience. Checkout needed to be frictionless for customers and it needed handle all new and existing business logic.

Shipping components and states

Payment components and states

Review Your Order and Order Summary and components and states

Listing Process — Photo Upload UI

Listing Process